Inclusive Gibraltar and Malaga airport car hire

A new way of hiring a car in Gibraltar or Malaga airport without excess, deposit or extra charges. Prices on this website include our Super zero risk package with no additional costs on pick up. 

Compare car hire prices MalagaBrunosOther *
Economy car hire 1 week in January 2015, internet rates (euros) 119 € 65 €
Additional coverage for tyres, windows, mirrors etc (sold on arrival) included 28 €
2 Extra drivers included 56 €
Baby seat or booster seat included 28 €
Excess (250 €) or 5 € waiver per day included 35 €
Fuel return same 85 €
Late arrival included 25 €
Total 119 € 322 €

* Other is an example of additional charges that can be presented on arrival. Has no reference to a specific other company. Amounts are estimates and this example is to remind you to be vigilant and always check the final rate.

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Last comment(s) recieved 13/04/2015 From Mrs Flowers

Thank you  for the lovely car we just hired from Gibraltar.

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For car hire in Gibraltar and Malaga use the specialists

We are actually based on the ground on the Costa Del Sol and are here to help with any issue face to face. Find important information, tips, advice and what to think about when hiring a car in Malaga and Gibraltar on this site.

When booking a Malaga airport hire car we guarantee:

  • Not to charge any deposit on arrival at Malaga airport.
  • Not to sell any additional insurance on arrival as you are already fully covered with no excess.
  • Not to charge more for your Malaga airport hire car than is quoted on this website.
  • To offer a fair Malaga car hire fuel policy. As a full/full option we ask you to return the car with the same level of fuel as when you get it, normally 1/4.

Trust us with your Gibraltar rent a car booking and know:

  • If the flight is diverted to Malaga airport we will try to give you the car there (depending on availability).
  • If a flight is delayed we will have the Gibraltar rental car waiting in La Linea 24h.
  • There is no deposit on your Gibraltar airport hire car and there is no insurance excess.

Look out for the radars when driving on the Costa del Sol


We and other hire car companies on the Costa del Sol are experiencing a high amount of traffic fines being drawn up against our rented cars. This is much due to the lowered limits that applies to the radars and above all for us hire cars companies with much traffic to and from Malaga airport as all cars driving the Coast road A7 (old N340) are passing the zone radar in the Faro/Mijas stretch. This radar measures the average speed for aprox 5km between aprox km 200.4 y 204.8. Even being a double lane road looking like a perfect motorway the speed limit is only 80kph and the radar will jump at 88kph.

The person hiring the car is responsible for the fines. If it comes from a radar it will be sent to us, we will identify the driver and the fine will be sent to the clients home address. If no possibility to identify the driver it will be charged to the credit card used for the contract.

If pulled by the Traffic police you can pay the fine on the spot with card or cash and get a 50% reduction.

The table below shows on the left the speed limit and on the dark grey area when the radars will jump and after the amounts applied at different speeds