Hire car from Gibraltar to Malaga.

Are you staying or working in Gibraltar?

Do you not own a car and need to fly in and out of Malaga for a weekend or quick business trip?

We can offer you parking at Malaga airport with us included in the hire car price when you rent a car from us in Gibraltar / La Linea to go up to Malaga. Park it for free maximum 3 days and take it back to Gibraltar on return. As we are based at Malaga airport we take the car and let it stay in our compound whilst you are away and give it back to you on return.

This rent to park system is obviously only available for short term trips over a weekend or other short term periods. If you are away for longer it is cheaper to rent a car one way or go by Taxi than to have a paid rental car that is not being used. 

Book a Gibraltar hire car now by email or online on this site.

Check out Bruno´s Parking for Malaga airport parking services.