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Many thanks. We have arrived and collected the car, great service as usual.

Sr Nigel,

Thank you once again for your excellent service and good quality cars.

Sr Alan P.,

Excellent! Thank you fore great service 🤩

Sr Gabriel,

Firstly, I am absolutely delighted with the car and the service that I received when I collected it on Saturday - I was very impressed; thank you!

Sr David,

Thank you for a great rental of your car. We had a great time in Spain, and your car make the time much better. The car was very easy to drive and we like it very much. Tank you for the rental, we vill come back next time we come to Spain.

Sr Lars H.,

I have been travelling to Spain at least twice a year for more than 10 years and this is the first year I have not been able to travel to Spain. I very much hope that Brunos survives, through these challenging times, as it is still the only Car Hire company I want to use.

Sr Hunter,

Just a quick message to thank you for car and smooth hiring process.

Sr Tom H.,

I will most definitely contact you again to use your services! Thank you for such amazing customer service and look forward to purchasing from you in the future!

Sra Pearson,

I am always spreading the good word about the fabulous service and simple price structure with no hidden costs that you offer and will continue to do so. Can’t wait to see you all again real soon and as soon as I can fly I will be booking cars for the group travelling.

Sr Richard H.,

I ALWAYS tell people that rent my place not to go anywhere but to you! Been using you for about 25 years and very happy!

Sra Andrea,

You have my loyalty and support and l will continue to use you and recommend to anybody travelling to Southern Spain.

Sra Brenda,

We often mention Brunos to our friends and acquaintances and tell them about your all-in price, which is a real differentiator from the majors.

Sr Nichols,

Thanks for professional & quick service!

Sr Kokbe,

Thank you for the perfect service my son had monday!

Sra Tamara,

Thank you all once again for your exceptional service level. The customer experience served by everyone at BRUNOS is 1st class!

Sr Jason,

It’s been a pleasure and we will rent through your company in the future and I am recommending your company to everyone

Sr Michel,

It is always a pleasure with you, perfect service and perfect cars. Next time we are coming to meet you in duquesa, its been a while since we’ve met. Thank you again for the great service and we will keep informing new customers to go with you

Sr Bryan,

I always recommend Brunos to friends and family, and several have already used your cars. They have always been very pleased to use Brunos.

Sr Trevor,

We know about the cheaper car rentals , done it once, never again. I am a believer in you pay for what you get 👍

Sra Sally,

I’ll definitely book with you again, as I love the straightforward no nonsense approach. I have a house in Spain so visit regularly. I’ll also pass on details to friends using the house (when travel is permitted again!).

Sra Julia,

We always recommend you, as before we found you years ago we fell into that nasty trap with other providers.

Sra Brewer,

We have used you for years. You were a recommendation to us and in turn we have recommended you to all our friends that visit. We put our friends S. and G. onto you as they bought a house in the area. They have been really pleased. We wouldn’t touch any of the other car rentals!!

Sra Jackie,

Thank you once again for an excellent service and a good quality car, returned as requested.

Sr Alan,

I will pass this on to friends and family. We don’t price around anymore for car rentals. You are very competitive with prices, always quality cars and great customer service.

Sr Joe,

Thank you very much as always you guys are always so helpful.

Sr Spencer,