Posts from March 2012

Rent a car Gibraltar this Easter

14 March 2012 19:57

Why not visit the lovely Costa del sol this Easter. If you have not seen the Spanish easter processions we strongly recommend to visit some of the towns or villages for an amazing experience. All towns have processions, Estepona, Malaga, Marbella etc. If you fly into Gibraltar you can book your hire car with us.

No excess or deposit

08 March 2012 20:48

Have you ever booked a Gibraltar hire car through another webpage/agent/company at what seemed to be a really good rate just to be presented with additional costs on arrival? Have you ever been overcharged for fuel when renting a car at Gib airport? Have you been surprised that there was not enough credit on your card to pay for dinner after your arrival just to discover that the hire car company has charged a huge deposit on your credit card? If you do not want anything of the above then come and deal with us.

Easy Gibraltar car hire

01 March 2012 20:35

Book your Gibraltar hire car from a company like us with inclusive rates and quick arrival procedures. Walk across the border into Spain and down into the Focona garage where the vehicle is waiting for you. Get your summer bookings in as demand for Gib rentals is high right now. Get more useful information on Gibraltar rental cars by visiting