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News, tips, recommendations and what to think about when hiring a car at Malaga airport.

Use our comparison list, base it on your needs and check what your Malaga car hire cost can be.

Malaga airport Brunos car hire return

13 February 2017 18:31

  • Follow signs for RENT A CAR and keep in the left lane. Do not enter the Rent a car entrance
  • Keep on driving aprox 100m to the next entrance to the public GENERAL parking. Take a parking ticket and the barrier opens. You are now on the bottom floor level 0 (PO).
  • Please drive up to the 3rd floor (P3), with purple colour.
  • Leave the car as close to bay 35B as possible. CLICK HERE FOR GOOGLE STREET VIEW OF THE ENTRANCE

All inclusive car hire Malaga

26 December 2015 21:04

Our Malaga airport car hire rates have always been all inclusive from the start. What we quote is what you pay and we do not sell more on arrival.

  • We do not charge for fuel we only ask you to return the car with the same amount as when you get it.
  • Full insurance is included from the start and we will not sell more packages for full coverage on pick up.

More info on our all in rates here. Looking back to some interesting reading on this site regarding rates click here.

Malaga airport second runway operating in August 2014

18 August 2014 19:59

Malaga airport has opened up the new second runway to cope with all flights in August. It has been used before but the demand during August of this year has made it possible to operate Sundays and Mondays. The airport can handle 72 flights per hour with both runways open.

Do compare hire car rates at Malaga airport.

16 August 2013 19:31

As the article says from the, do compare rates.

....quotes ranged from £119 to £287. It's essential to calculate total costs including extras and not just the headline price

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Our Malaga hire car rates are fully inclusive, our headline price is what you pay!

Free wifi at Malaga airport

24 July 2013 15:49

Malaga Costa del Sol airport has offered connection to internet by wifi for some time now but against a cost from the first minute. As from now al transit passengers at the airport will have free internet access by wifi for 15 minutes. After 15 minutes has elapsed it is not free anymore and a charge will then apply.

Excellent help service at Malaga airport

09 February 2013 10:51

According to the Euroweekly news the mobility helpers at Malaga airport got a grade of 4,7 out 5. The service was used by 101,174 passengers and the help consits of help through security checkpoints and to the boarding area, normally in a wheel-chair. Please contact the assistance desks at the airport for help.  There are 19 assistance points around the airport, car parks, boarding areas and the check in areas



All Ryanair flights from Malaga airport

25 January 2013 17:53

Ryanair is expanding and becoming a very important actor at Malaga airport. Below follows a list of more destinations and dates they start operation from Malaga airport during the 2013 season:

Malaga Aarhus starts 17 Mar 13
 to Baden-Baden starts 21 Mar 13
 to Bologna starts 26 Mar 13
 to Bournemouth starts 16 Mar 13
 to Cologne starts 31 Mar 13
 to Cork starts 15 Mar 13
 to Dortmund starts 14 Mar 13
 to Haugesund starts 22 Mar 13
 to Knock Ireland West starts 04 Apr 13
 to Krakow starts 21 Mar 13
 to Leipzig starts 01 Apr 13
 to Maastricht starts 24 Mar 13
 to Malmo starts 23 Mar 13
 to Marseille starts 02 Apr 13
 to Milan Bergamo starts 17 Mar 13
 to Nuremberg starts 02 Apr 13
 to Oslo Torp starts 23 Mar 13
 to Shannon starts 14 Mar 13
 to Stockholm Vasteras starts 23 Mar 13
 to Tampere starts 23 Mar 13
 to Valladolid starts 01 Apr 13
 to Wroclaw starts 22 Mar 13

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Before booking a Malaga airport hire car read this.

07 January 2013 18:28

It has become more important than ever to compare and calculate car hire prices at Malaga airport before booking as the quotes you get online are very different in what they include. Most cheap Malaga airport car hire quotes only include the basic standard rate.

Before completing a Malaga airport car hire booking on any of the various sites online make sure:

  • If fuel is included or not. If you will be charged extra or return the same
  • If there is any excess to pay and how much
  • To know if damages to the INSIDE of the car are covered by the insurance
  • To ask if you must pay a deposit on arrival
  • To check what other extra charges will be presented
  • To check if there is an immobilisation fee in case of damage or accident
  • Not to rely only on your own extra insurance through your credit card or other third party company as the car hire supplier will sell you their extra insurance anyway claiming that if not you will not have road assistance.

What to think about before chosing a company and making a booking for a hire car at Malaga airport.

  1. Most hire car websites offering to rent you a car at Malaga airport are broker websites, nothing wrong in that. However the issue can be when you arrive at the actual hire car company, the supplier, to pick up the car. There can then be extra costs that you were not aware of when doing the booking. SOLUTION: Ask your booking agent to confirm you will not be charged any extras on arrival or rent from us with all included rates from the start.
  2. The cheap online rates might not be inclusive. Nowadays you can get several quotes in no time through your internet device and several Malaga airport hire car sites are quoting very low headline prices to get a booking. In the very small print the extra costs might be hidden. SOLUTION: Ask what will be added to this rate on pick up or make the booking here now and pay what you see.
  3. Fuel is not included in the rate. SOLUTION: Find out if you have to pay more or return the same. If not get a car from us and be sure not to get overcharged for fuel.
  4. Almost all hire car companies at Malaga airport ask for a credit card. The question "can I hire a car in Malaga without a credit card?" is very common. Almost all companies ask for a credit card in the name of the main driver. At some places you pay cash or with a debit card but there must be a credit card as guarantee. Do not take a chance if you see a website that does not say anything about a credit card. SOLUTION: If you do not have a credit card confirm before booking in writing by email that it is ok to pay with cash or debit card. If not you might end up with no car on arrival.
  5. When offered a daily insurance waiver program, take it! Even if you have a credit card that covers any excess the hire car company can say that if you do not take the waiver option you will not have any road assistance. SOLUTION: Stop reading and start making an online booking here with no excess, no daily waiver and 24 h road assistance.
  6. Ask about immobilisation fees before booking. Even when you get an inclusive car rental deal at Malaga airport and pay all the extra insurances there might still be a hefty fee if something happens. This is the immobilisation of the vehicle in case of accident. Even if you are covered by all the extra insurances the company can ask you to pay full list rates for the days/weeks the car is standing still. SOLUTION: Make sure you rent from a company like us with no immobilisation fees.

What to think about when picking up a hire car in Malaga that is not from us.

  1. Have up to a 1000 euros of free credit on your credit card. Some companies will charge a deposit on arrival not when making the reservation. SOLUTION: Click on "make a reservation" up in the menu. Make a booking with us and pay no deposit.
  2. Check the interior when picking up the car. Some suppliers do not cover the INSIDE of the vehicle and you might end up paying for any small damage to the interior. SOLUTION: Book a Malaga airport hire car here  and be fully covered directly.

Recommendations whilst driving on the Costa del Sol

  1. Pay traffic fines on the spot. You can pay the Guardia Civil Trafico directly on the spot and get a 50% discount.  If not the hire car company will identify you as driver, the fine will come by post and your car supplier will charge you extra to handle the fine.
  2. Do not leave personal belongings inside the car. Avoid having the window broken and loose your things. Personal belongings are not covered by the car insurance. However they are normally covered by your home insurance.
  3. When driving in roundabouts be careful. Specially during high season when there are many different nationalites driving together. You will notice directly that we are probably learning different ways how to drive in a roundabout. SOLUTION: Look and see what the others are doing and then drive.