Posts from December 2012

Rental cars with no deposit

13 December 2012 21:47

There were many unfortunate people that did not get a hire car the summer of 2012 as they did not know that there was a hefty deposit to be paid on their credit card on arrival at Malaga airport. With not enough fund to cover the amount of the deposit they were left at the airport with no hire car. Make sure to have enought credit as most companies today ask for a deposit.

We do not ask for a deposit and we offer an all inclusive rate. If you want a rental car at Malaga airport and pay what you were quoted this is the place to book at. Check what we include in our rates.

Check our section what to think about when renting a car in Malaga

12 December 2012 18:53

Since the car hire prices at Malaga airport has become very unclear lately with very low rates being quoted and much higher rates being charged we have created a small section of advise, tips and what to think about before booking, when picking up and when using the hire car. Read our Malaga airport car hire section and scroll down to read the advise we have put together for you. If you have experienced something you would like to share please send us an email and we will include it in our Malaga car hire advise list.

Cheapest car hire Malaga airport

01 December 2012 13:40

It depends how you look at it. All these hire car companies at Malaga airport showing what looks like the cheapest Malaga rental car rate on their websites only for you to be handed a big list of additional costs when taking the car on arrival. Remember most quotes you get today are not inclusive and you will have to pay extra insurance and much more on arrival, not when booking. Also you can be sitting with a high risk if something happens. Ask about if there is any immobilization fee if there is any damage to the vehicle. 

Instead of sitting on a high risk rent a car with many extra costs that will break your budget rent from a company like us with inclusive rates and all quoted directly on the website when making the booking.