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Terminal 3 at Malaga airport has been inaugurated.

15 March 2010 21:25

HRH King Juan Carlos has today inaugurated the new Terminal 3 at Malaga airport and tomorrow the 16th of March it starts operating with the first flight taking of at 06,50 to Barcelona. It is expected to handle more then 130 flights on the first day. To get to the new terminal from the public parking You have to go out in the new walking tunel on the side of the garage. This long tunel with conveyor belts leads You to the TRANSPORTATION HUB where You then walk in to the terminal. When You arrive with flight at the new Malaga terminal 3 and want to go to the public parking You:

1. Walk out into the new open air square.

2. Go into the transportation hub.

3. Take the conveyor belts up to the 2 nd floor.

4. Go into the conveyor belt tunel that leads You to parking 2 and 1.

Do you want tips, advise and what to think about when renting a car at Malaga airport check our page Malag airport at this site under locations up in the menu.