Malaga car hire deposit

29 November 2012 21:09

As all you regulars are well aware of when booking your Malaga car hire with us we offer inclusive rates with no deposit. This new thing with a deposit is fairly new to the Malaga car hire scene. It has emerged over a short time and started with some companies blocking an amount on your credit card until the car was returned. We have got many new clients 2012 with our inclusive price policy that has called us on the telephone to confirm that we do not charge a deposit on arrival as on their last trip they were forced to pay without knowing anything about it until they were to pick up the car at Malaga airport. Apart from that the companies doing this obviously are creating a great cashflow playing with your money it seems in some cases the deposit is not being paid back in its entirety as some supposed damage to the interior of the vehicle or other obscure reason is used to withold some part of the money.

If any of you have experienced any of this we would be very interested to hear about it on email.