Rent a car from a local company in Malaga

19 November 2012 18:26

A quick search for "Malaga car hire" on Google U.K. shows almost 3.000.000 hits, so what to choose from? Most of the websites are agent sites meaning a company or private person are offering hire car services against a commision from a car hire company in Malaga. Most of these sites work with several companies at Malaga airport meaning you will be sent to a certain company for this booking but might be sent to another on the next booking, even if you booked from the same agent site. This is where there could be problems for you as some companies do not treat you as a you are expected to, as a paying client, but only try to get as much of you as possible as they believe you will not return anyway. On most of these agent sites prices for a Malaga rental car starts out very low when booking online. Unfortunately the quoted amount is only a part what you actually have to pay on arrival. So what awaits you? Up to 1000 euros charged on your credit card as a deposit. Overcharge for the fuel, if a car takes 55 euros you might be charged 80 euros, extra charges for insurances, late arrival, extra driver etc. All this and you are not fully covered anyway. Look out for damages to the interior of the vehicle that are not included.

Choose a local company like Bruno´s Car Rental that are based on the ground and that you will deal directly with from the first moment booking the car to the last moment when returning it. With Bruno´s the rates are all inclusive and you will only be charged what was agreed when making the booking with no unpleasant surprises on arrival. 

Several U.K. newspapers like The Guardian and The Daily Mail have articles online about the abusive rent a car market on the Costa del Sol really highlighting the issues of extra charges in Malaga. Our recommendation is to get in writing when booking that there will be no additional costs on arrival and that you are fully covered. If not find another supplier that can give you that in writing.