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Malaga car hire fuel policy

06 February 2011 13:46
Recently there has been much talk about extra costs for car hire  in Malaga and other places and countries. Talk of  fuel rip-off, additional hidden extras and exclusions.  We are now taking up the  fuel issue. What to expect from most  hire car companies on the Costa del Sol in addition to the vehicle is an excessive cost for a full tank. Charged at rates that may be much higher than at the petrol station. Then you are to  return it empty First, the difference by selling fuel  more expensive and second the amount of unused fuel that is left in the deposit when returned will bring up the total hire cost very much. We give out our Malaga hire cars with the amount of fuel that was in the car when it was returned by the last client and then you then leave it more or less the same as you got it.