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Malaga car hire deposit outcry

27 November 2012 19:58

Are you aware that most hire car companies at Malaga airport have started to charge a deposit when you come to pick up the car. What started some time back with a blockage on your credit card is now in most establishments an actual charge. This has to be made on a credit card for the rental car company to have "some days" to put the money back after the return of the car. Now the tricky part comes into play and there are endless stories about people not getting their deposit back.

Back in the good old days the normal trick of a hire car company was to charge some small little damage on the outside of the car over and over again to an unaware client that did not see it when picking up the car. Nowadays it is much more complex. It starts with a cheap online quote only to end up with extra insurances, fuel charges that are much higher than the street price and the deposit, all on arrival and not quoted when booking. By playing with your money the car hire supplier is creating a huge cash flow, imagine only ten bookings with a 1000 euro deposit. That is 10.000 euros into the account! To get to this cash, rates are going down online just to lure you to book. Then you stand there just to see only the half of the money being returned a few WEEKS after the car was returned. When you call to get an explanation you are told any excuse about damage to the car. Here the next thing comes into play. Damages to the INTERIOR of the vehicle. "Sorry, we do not pay all back as the handle underneath the seat is missing" What handle underneath the seat? 

Say NO to all these scams. When booking a rental car for Malaga airport ask to get in writing that you will not be charged more on arrival. If not, book somewhere else.

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Malaga airport inclusive car hire rates

07 August 2012 21:28

Have you ever hired a car at Malaga airport, paid what you thought was the full amount online, arrived and had to pay more again? Nowadays the Malaga airport hire car quote you get online with most brokers is not inclusive.

On arrival you can expect to be charged for a full tank of fuel at a rate higher than at the petrol station, daily extra insurance and other extra costs. To top it all off you have to pay up to 800 euros as a safety deposit, all charged towards your credit card.

We have gone the other way and included all except fuel which you return with the same amount as when you got the rental car. What we quote on this website is what you pay for your hire car.

Ask if any additional costs before booking

30 January 2012 21:29

If you have rented a car from us at Brunos at Malaga airport earlier you know that our rates are inclusive. Never have we presented you with a long list of additional costs you were not aware of on arrival.  Unfortunately our way of working is not common as many hire car companies on the Costa del Sol and Malaga airport quote you one rate but at the end charge much more. Check this article from the Sur in English on page 25 and read what it can be like. Also check our comparison on the home page on this site.