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Malaga long term hire car

12 November 2011 13:44

We are getting many enquiries about long term car hire from Malaga and Gibraltar. If the booking is longer than 3 weeks please send us an email and we give You a personalised car hire quote. The car can be picked up from Malaga airport, Puerto Duquesa or Gibraltar/La Linea. Our car hire deals are all inclusive just as the normal hires with no deposit etc. You are very welcome to contact us now to get a low cost inclusive quote.

Malaga car hire and Gibraltar rent a car services

02 October 2011 14:34

If You need a hire car somewhere on the Costa del Sol, Malaga or Gibraltar right now we will see what we can offer specially for You to suit Your budget and needs. Send us an email and tell us how long time You need the hire car and we will look at a deal just for You. Personal car hire services for all Your needs.

We are actually based on the ground on the Costa del Sol.

08 September 2011 21:33

We are not just a website offering car hire at Gibraltar and Malaga. We are actually present on the ground for when You might need assistance, have any doubt or simply want a person to talk face to face to if something is needed. We have gained many new clients that had previously booked through an agent website to end up at some company that charged several extras that were not mentioned when booking the rental. The rates we offer on this site is the final price, what is actually paid on arrival. What good is a cheap quote if it is not final?

Book for Your autumn/winter stay at low inclusive rates by sending us an email and we will give You a cheap, inclusive and final rate.

Long term cheap car hire Malaga, Costa del sol

11 January 2010 20:05

Looking for a long term cheap rental car on the Costa del Sol up until Easter? Contact us for any special deals right now. We get a big peak for Easter and need the cars back but if You are coming down from Jan to March we will do You a very good deal on a Malaga rental car.

Long term car hire Costa del Sol

16 August 2008 15:21

Costa del Sol is a very popular destination for Northern Europeans to come and spend some of the autumn and winter months. September and October are lovely months in Andalucia and it is time to reserve a hire car now. Car hire offered at Malaga and Gibraltar airports and our head office in Puerto Duquesa. Remember You must pre book for us to deliver the cars to the airports. Special online rental car discount and 10% extra for long term car rental bookings at Malaga and other stations. Book here now.