Casares in Andalucia

Love it!

Loved by all and visited by many during the course of history. From the Neanderthals to the Phoenicians to the Romans to the Moors and many in between. The unique geographical position and the rich history of different cultures makes Andalucia or Al-Andalus as it was called by the Moors to a very special place to visit. Not only for the amazing climate, sunshine and beaches but for the rich culture and history. 

Have it!

Go skiing in the Sierra Nevada, go surfing in Tarifa, go cave diving in Nerja, go golfing on the Costa Del Golf, go sailing in Sotogrande, go have a brandy in Jerez, go visit Seville, capital of the world! Go to see the easter celebrations in Malaga, go dancing in Puerto Banus and do go and relax in the sun anywhere in Andalucia. 

Live it!

Here under our Andalucia information part of this site we will try to give you a different view into everything Andalucia has to offer in a personal way making it interesting and hopefully leave you with some ideas of things to do when coming to the South of Spain.

Again, please bear with us as this is a project under construction.

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5 quick ones for Andalucia!

  1. Andalusia is the most populous and second largest of the autonomous communities of Spain.
  2. The name Andalusia comes from the Arabic word "Al-Andalus," which referred to the territory that is now southern Spain during the time it was under Muslim rule.
  3. Andalusia has a rich cultural heritage, with influences from the Moors, Romans, and Phoenicians.
  4. Andalusia is the largest producer of olives in the world and also is a large producer of wine, as well as other agricultural products like fruits, vegetables, and nuts
  5. Andalusia is home to the only desert in Europe, the Tabernas desert, an area of around 280 square miles. which has been used to shoot many films and Spaghetti Westerns due its resemblance to the western United States