Town centre

We have to start with Main Street, Gibraltar´s main shopping area. Here you find licor, perfume, gold, jewellery, electronics and tobacco shops mixed together with many familiar British brand shops. Remember this is VAT free making it very interesting for shopping.

  • You can pay with euros and sterling pounds in cash. If you pay with euros you will normally get Gibraltarian pounds in change. These are only valid in Gibraltar.
  • You are allowed to take 1 carton, 200 cigarettes across the border per month.
  • Spirits, 1 liter per month.

All of the town centre is included in The Gibraltar Heritage fund. This is a non profit fund run by 12 volunteers overseeing the mission to preserve the Gibraltar heritage.

Gibraltar was divided in districts in the 19th century and the remaing Irish Town is great and must be seen.

Close to the town centre is the Admiral Casino Gibraltar situated at Ocean Village with several restaurant and bars. You can also find classic fish and chip shops, Pizza Hut and Burger King on Main street.